Stitch House Brewery Brunch

Sundays 12pm-2pm


House Salad mixed greens, roasted tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, roasted garlic vinaigrette.  $10

Caesar Salad romaine, caesar dressing, assorted croutons, parmesan.  $10

Seasonal Salad kale, apple, cranberries, goat cheese, walnuts, maple balsamic vinaigrette.  $10


Truffle Fries hand- cut fries, truffle oil, parmesan.  $15

Nachos beer cheese, cheddar jack, pico de gallo, pickled jalapenos, crema.  $13

Pretzels with assorted dips.  $12

Brussels tossed with parmesan, lemon, herbs.  $13

Bang Bang Shrimp crispy breaded shrimp, house buffalo.  $13

Cheesesteak Eggrolls served with house smoked ketchup.  $13


Cubano pork, carnitas, ham, swiss, WPC pickles, hot, mustard, ciabatta.  $17

Caprese tomato, mozzarella, arugula, ciabatta.  $16

Turkey Club turkey, lettuce, tomato, bacon, avocado, roasted garlic aioli, 9 grain whole wheat bread.  $16

Breaded Chicken Cutlet pesto aioli, tomato compote, mozzarella, arugula, ciabatta.  $17

Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap grilled chicken, romaine, parmesan, house caesar dressing.  $16

Smoked Chicken Salad celery, grapes, dill mayo, arugula, ciabatta.  $16

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich lettuce, tomato, blue cheese, brioche.  $17

SHB OG Burger hop mayo, cooper sharp, bacon, beer onions, brioche.  $18

Cranberry Turkey Wrap turkey, cranberry chutney, brie, apple, dijonaise.  $16


Sausage Corndogs cornbread battered sausage links, chipotle syrup.  $13

Cream Chipped Beef Wontons served with chipotle syrup.  $13

Smoked Salmon Flatbread house smoked salmon, whipped cream cheese, capers, red onion, dill.  $13

Brunch Burger pork roll, cooper cheese, fried egg on a plain bagel served with home fries   $18

Smoked Salmon Bagel hard boiled egg, caper, red onion, dill mayo served with home fries.  $15

The B.L.A.T. 9 grain whole wheat bread, bacon, lettuce, avocado, tomato, 2 fried eggs, served with home fries.  $13

SHB Breakfast Burrito scrambled eggs, pico de gallo, guacamole, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, served with home fries.  $15

Pork Roll, Egg & Cheese Bagel everything bagel, served with home fries.   $14

Eggs Benedict smoked salmon, asparagus, everything bagel hollandaise, english muffin.  $13

Tater Tot Casserole onions, peppers, bacon, egg, cheddar cheese, cooked golden in a cast iron skiller.  $13

Shrimp & Grits chorizo, shrimp, cheddar grits, fried egg.  $22

Enchiladas 3 tortillias with egg, chorizo, peppers and onions baked with salsa verde and cheddar cheese.  $15

Stuffed French Toast brioche, strawberry cream cheese, strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, whipped cream.  $14

Mr Mikes Steak & Eggs 7oz sirloin, 2 eggs your way, home fries $24

Biscuits & Gravy over house made sweet potato biscuits.  $14   add egg $2

Avocado Toast 9 grain whole wheat bread, smashed avocado, pickled red onion, arugula, fried egg.  $13

Corned Beef Hash potatoes, horseradish, corned beef, 2 fried eggs   $14


scrapple, bacon, sausage, turkey sausage, pork roll, 2 eggs your way, home fries $3


Mon-Sat: 11am-10pm
Sun: 12pm-10pm


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